Reality shows up in multiple layers. All kind of forms and shapes are active at the same time, some are dormant, some are just potentials and some are in the background. They all have a different logic and represent a different paradigm. They interact with each other, they are different, but not separate. They are functioning around what is emerging and are highly interrelated.

The Universe does not decide to show up in the one or the other form..

How about thinking about organizations as small universes, that has different layers with their own shapes, forms, logic and functions? That are active at the same time, but in a different intensity, depending on what is needed? What if it is not a questions of Hierarchy or Circle or Network, but a living universe of different paradigms, being in place at the same time?

I made an experiment. Instead of writing this blog, a scribbled it on an endless paper. Then I filmed it and put some music to it. You can mute it, of course. I wanted to create something different this time, to learn something new, challenge myself in making a very very basic movie. I played around and it was more fun than sitting down at my notebook.

have a look: