CONSCIOUS CONSULTING is a new approach designed for a still emerging new era in our lifetime. Facing challenges like climate change, inequality, mass extinction, a soaring Pandemics and wide spread mental illnesses we strongly believe we urgently need to change the way we think and act in the field of leadership, business and societies. What we need right now facing a world changing exponentially on multiple levels simultaneously is a major social and cultural upgrade ready to face the challenges of the future.

In 2020 “Conscious Consulting Group” was launched as a platform for developing, practicing and offerings of Conscious Consulting.

Lisa Centeno asked all the questions she had and Christian and I answered the best we could

So, what is Conscious Consulting?

Conscious Consulting is a consulting philosophy and approach focused on deepening and developing the consciousness of leaders, organizations and social systems. We do this by creating a safe and inspirational space for leaders where they can – together – go deeper and beyond their usual day-to-day awareness. The very core idea is that everything we experience in our materialistic and manifested world is the result of our state of consciousness and our capacity to be aware. The less developed the more disconnected, separated and hostile we feel and act upon that. The more profound access we have to who we are and how we act in the world, the more beneficial, healthy and effective we will be for ourselves and for the world.

When leaders come to realize how their actions, thoughts and results are directly interconnected they often instantaneously can and are willing to transform them. Not by trying to change  “the world out there” but by simply following an insight that they are the sole source for any change they want to see. Doing so they cultivate trust in their innate capacities which very naturally give rise to new and different conclusions, allow new possibilities to emerge and setting positive impact by new and different decisions they take.

Do you have an example for a “Conscious Business”?

For sure Patagonia is one of the companies which came to an understanding how they can be beneficial for themselves, their employees, their customers and the world. They act and live from a deep knowing that we have 10 more years to act on climate change and that therefor they can and have to be climate positive – meaning they not only have to be climate neutral but add positively to the environment. Regenerative ecology is their core purpose and goal. Wow – that’s a purpose statement! Not every company can be like Patagonia, but the question we ask our clients: Who do you want to be? How do you honor that precious opportunity of leading this organization? What is your contribution? What impact do you want to create for you, your team and for all of us?

How does this work in short?

A: In a way in our consulting approach we summarize everything that proved to be helpful in our own personal lives for ourselves and others.

We combine 3 dimensions: the dimension of outside and wider, of inside and deeper and the dimension of down to earth everyday business life.

Outside and wider: We need to look up and out and beyond our own industry and field to gain new insights about the world and our embedding in it: we have a strong interdisciplinary approach and confront our clients with everything we confront ourselves with: quantum physics, deep ecology, holism, Zen, native wisdom and many more. This helps to change, irritate and enrich our world views, highly needed right now. Otherwise nothing new will ever happen.

Inside and deeper: The other direction, pointing inside and deeper, towards silence, builds on the findings of many Wisdom Tradition and spiritual practices to connect with our self, our intuition and innate wisdom. In a loud and hyper excited world it often is hard to find space for yourselves- that space we create for our clients.

The combination of both practices leads towards new levels of consciousness, it cultivates the path.

Integration and immersion with everyday life and the practical questions of our clients regarding business, leadership, vision and their organizations are the 3rd dimension in our practice. We don’t spare this out as this is exactly the place and moment where the rubber hits the ground.

And what are questions your clients address you with?

Most of the time it is about typical questions such as Culture Transformation, Strategy, Leadership and Organizational Development with everything attached to it: HR, Younger Generations, Digital Transformation, Agility, Performance and so on. But when looking deeper we can see one underlaying questions with all of them: How on earth are we going to survive this race and succeed in a world where even change is changing all the time? This often is the moment when it becomes clear that continuing that rat race will lead to more exhaustion, more exploitation, more suffering and old ways of thinking and doing wont bring them any further.

And it is this moment when it becomes obvious that it is about a true cultural, mental, emotional and spiritual upgrade which is needed to get to a next level, otherwise we will simply destroy ourselves. And the beauty is that this insight often is followed by and allows technological as well as processual breakthroughs in the organizations as such. So we see a mental shift materializing in the real doing of things.

What we need to understand is that the world doesn’t need to be saved, we do! Thats why this change needs to start strictly from within.

Who are your typical clients?

We work with a wide range of clients: from large corporations with 1000s of employees working globally to very small start-ups with just a few staff member. The industries range from Media to fashion Jewelry, Energy, Oil & Gas to Automotive but more and more we are working with organizations in the sector of sustainability, decarbonization, renewable energy, communication with a strong focus on regenerative technologies as well as in the health sector, e.g. a clinic for addiction. We do pro-bono work for a human rights organization and another NGO working on inclusive education in the global south or Teach for All, an organization aiming to change our education system.

Not only do we look at WHAT our clients produce but strongly at the HOW and WHO they are, while they are going along their business, how they take on responsibility or what we call the “precious opportunity” of leading others and creating impact for the world on a larger scale.

What unites all of them is the fact that the leaders we work with are willing to start a process of transformation led from within, starting with themselves on a rather personal level. They won’t buy consulting to have the transformation job done for them but they see that they are in charge for it, them being the source of the new. So the “Energiewende”, the transformation of energy or the cultural and mental upgrade is something they have to embody, enact and deliver first.

Sustainability and regeneration to us does not only work from an ecological perspective but from a deeply human perspective: if we really were the resource needed then how would we treat ourselves? Do we stick to an attitude of exploitation and ruthlessness or are we treating ourselves with care, respect and dignity?

And, to be explicitly clear, talking about “the world” and possibly saving it we are, in real terms, talking about us, this “experiment called human being” on this planet and its possible and prosperous future – and not “the world”!

Younger leaders more and more get attracted to our ideas and approach as they are striving for radical integration, resisting the old patterns and ways of doing things but cultivating the integration of life, the mundane and the spiritual, the parts and the whole, technology and nature, purpose and success, fostering the ideas of a caring economy.

The formation of Conscious Consulting Group actually started at least 10 years ago. What did you observe back then?

10+ years ago it became clear to us that we are about hitting a wall: economically as well as ecologically and that those two domains were inseparably connected and inter twined. Technology and Digitalization were developing at exponential speed and instead of solving many of the essential problems one could see they – to a certain degree – were accelerating the overwhelm and stress of humans. Many of our clients felt exposed to that huge global wave of overwhelm, a seemingly new normal and were struggling between keeping up with the speed of a new era and at the same time stabilizing, playing in and according to the rules of an old paradigm of stability, predict and control. Many people got sick, burned out, got replaced and the exploitation of human and natural resources continued – ever more effectively.

We could see large parts of the consulting industry on the other side of history, having crossed an innate red line separating a client, for good reason, from the consultant, a separation essential to deliver relevant advice, consult in and with dignity and not becoming the vicarious agent of an unleashed paradigm of exploitation. So to us consulting as an industry undeniably had become an enabler and enhancer of an eclectic, greed based development, actually having become a core and inseparable part of the problem and not of the solution!

Q: What is the case for action – in this case for the creation of a new consulting approach right now?

We are hitting the wall – all of us, collectively. Corona is just another accelerator making visible what has always been the case: we are in this together, we are all connected and only cooperation will show ways forward and help solve these problems. Continuing with a hostile attitude of a “You or Me World” towards each other and a planet we ultimately came out of, there won’t be a prosperous future – for nobody, not even the “lucky few”. So shifting gears towards a reality of a “You and Me World” seems appropriate to realize and honor the fact that we really are in this together! Turmoils and breakdowns as we are facing right now are always an invitation to look closer, go deeper and span wider.

As long as everything is just fine – more or less – we tend to hold-on to what we have got. We don’t easily tend to change and do the difficult mental and emotional work of developing and transforming what is needed, why would we. Today’s writing on the wall is a big fat invitation pointing towards new ways forward, reconsidering our old, well-trodden paths.

 What were your observations in consulting over these past 10 years?

A: We clearly see that many of our colleagues feel the same way we do: they openly admit that they are aware of consulting having become part of the old paradigm of exploitation and separation. However, they don’t feel being in a position that their views count and are being heard, valued and would make a difference – so they don’t even try. It seems to risky to them.

One way for them to cope with that situation was to come up with all these Consulting buzzwords and trends like Agile, Purpose, Self-organizations, positive Leadership, New Work, you name them. But to many they seem superficial, more like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic rather than generating genuine and truly transformative impact. Actually we feel and see these trends are not designed to bring forth change but to stabilize the old paradigm of predict and control in modern, stylish and fancy designs. Even self-organization now is steered and controlled hierarchically. All of which are the expression of a massive normalcy-bias, smart efforts to hold-on to the past and the desire to go back to the old normal. Consultancy in some sense is answering and serving these demands from the markets and comply with our current business paradigm, rather than developing new ways of thinking and acting.

As a matter of fact this is the essence of consulting as such, the core beneficial contribution consulting has been designed for: showing new ways forward into and through the unknown! Manifesting this purpose is honoring who we are as a global tribe – contributing to a world that works for everyone!

 Seeing that, what were your conclusions out?

A: Clarity emerged to come up with better and faster ways to support and enhance transformation and organizational development – and there was urgency given as mainstream approaches to transformation didn’t seem to be effective anymore. So the key question for us was: What is the key to transformation that is more effective, sustainable, beneficial for the greater good and also even faster? We couldn’t afford years to move forward incrementally in order to move beyond today’s patterns.

We decided to step back from consulting a little bit.. by that time Julia left the partnership of a mid-sized Viennese Consulting Firm, we founded our own boutique consulting company continuing work with selected clients on transformation projects – but mostly we took time to explore, learn, develop further and research the changing world we live in.

Is this when the field of consciousness came into play?

Yes, meeting with world-leading scientists and teachers of various wisdom-traditions just to find out that we were talking about similar qualities, maybe using different languages, followed by moving to San Francisco for 1,5 years, talking to and researching with tech-leaders, learning about company cultures, attending retreats, traveling, studying with sages, deepening our own practices..

Deeper and deeper we got invested in the myriad questions of consciousness. Christian has been studying Buddhism, Zen and Advaita for most of his life so he already was very familiar with these topics. Together we started to look at it from different angels and perspectives. What did science tell us about it, what did wisdom traditions, philosophy and what was modern biology telling us. Julia even took an education in biofield tuning, a form of energy healing. Realizing that we were invested in one great quest rather than in different separated questions, seeing the”whole body” of it integration of everything we knew, learned and experienced into our consulting and advisory work was the next emergent move.

Realizing that a whole new science, starting with quantum physics to biology, biogenetics to deep ecology meant a real game changer to us. All of a sudden bits and pieces seamless fit together which, for a long time seemed to be part of different universes, pointing towards what ancient wisdom traditions have known for and talked about for thousands of years: the world is not solid, everything is connected, always moving and it is moving together and the state of consciousness manifests as physical material world.

And it is messy, it is not clean and clear and in control, it just interacts and renews, reconfigures itself many times every second, everything is “dancing” together as the old sages have told us. The world seems to be a pulsating, vibrant, alive and unpredictable realm. And our need to control, predict and exploit we work against these basics laws of physics and thus creating chaos and destruction.

So striving for results beyond the limitations of the past of our clients asked for transforming the fields which bring forth “their worlds” rather than manipulating their old realities. Welcome to awareness, welcome to consciousness!

As Conscious Consulting developed and unfolded, have you been aware of that emergent process?

A: Implicitly it started 20 to 30 years back and over the last 8-10 years we worked on the development of an explicit consulting approach and philosophy that is specifically designed to shift the level of consciousness of organizations, be it small networks, global corporations, mid-sized companies or institutions. It was a phase of working with new approaches and different tools like “Not Knowing” (very unpleasant for consultants!), testing new waters and increasingly showing and addressing with our clients what we truly believed in, sharing our findings and inviting them to join the exploration of new experiences. We started to talk more explicitly about topics like collective Consciousness, e.g. by publishing “Organizational Consciousness – a shortcut to transformation” in 2016

Over time we developed a sense of what is most effective and simple and helps leaders deal with the challenges they had at hand.

Already 5 years ago we founded our first company under the brand of N3XT together with Robert Thomas, former long time president of the San Francisco Zen centers. We delivered Workshops and Key Notes in San Francisco, San Diego, Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna to present our ideas and models. We also offered retreats on “Presence” and started to publish articles and interviews to find out what resonates. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and level of interest, especially from our own colleagues in the consulting community. N3XT was a first experiment and as we left San Francisco and Robert moved on to another job it was a perfect first iteration. It took a while to come up with CCG as we felt we needed to sharpen our messages and our approaches. The time has come to be more explicit, call it by its name and use the “difficult” yet transformative word “conscious”.

What did you do differently and how did clients respond?

A: We simply started to integrate our beliefs, learnings and insights explicitly in our work in business. We stopped to compartmentalize an important part of our life of who we were away from work, which anyways was nothing but a pure mirroring of the outer world. It took courage sometimes as there always is that one fear: what will they think about you? Will they take us seriously any more? But nothing like this ever happened. Just the opposite. It felt like walking through open doors and a lot of openness and interest welcomed us. Our clients live in and share the same world, they already are aware that we cannot simply continue the old paddy ways and they can see and experience first hand that old tools don’t work anymore. So seeing that there are new options given gently opened new possibilities. A lot had changed over the last decade regarding consciousness and its public reference. There is much more awareness and openness given today for these topics and trends like Mindfulness were helpful too.

Is there a “Conscious Consulting model”?

A: Yes there are many models, approaches and principles we work with, but in essence there are 3 basic steps.

Step 1 is about Deepening Awareness. Our level of consciousness is a direct result of our capacity for inner and outer awareness, to look deeper and wider beyond the direct situation. Our work here is to create conditions for our clients to enrich their perspectives and look at situations from different levels and perspectives. May it happen through conversations, workshops, journeys, walks, actually any possible form. Seeing the old world through new and fresh eyes for almost everyone is relief.

Step 2 is about Creating new Possibilities: Looking differently one will see new possibilities and this is at the core of our work – finding solutions beyond the limitations of the past and the known. One core teaching of Buddhism is “Beginners Mind”. This means to look fresh, every single moment, free from preformed concepts. Seeing possibilities is essential and right at the core of any innovation.

And Step 3 is equally important: Making a Difference, Creating Impact! We stay put with our clients while manifesting what they have seen, imagined and decided to follow up anew. A lot of skills are required, management skills, leadership skills and Personal Mastery. Impact goes well beyond results, we look at the wider space: be it physically or in time. We aim for impact that reaches wider and longer and it is a direct result of the state of consciousness and the intention someone has, while she or he is acting. The means always condition the end.

And if you say it even simpler, what is the essence of Conscious Consulting?

A: It boils down to the simplest level of being human. The distinct approach might sound complicated and difficult, like you have to study Quantum Physics and Taoism to get to it, but boiling it down we are at the level of ultimate simplicity: it is about listening, caring for others, connecting with yourself, your fellow neighbor and the world, breathing with awareness.

How does “Conscious Consulting” help to deal with the levels of complexity, speed, volatility and unpredictability of todays world?

We have found out that we need  3 core qualities when dealing with challenges at the level of consciousness: We need to go slower, deeper and wider.
  1. Slower? Imagine walking through a forrest, a botanic garden or even a city. The slower we go the more we see. We miss life and its offerings by rushing through it, not stopping, looking or gently breathing. Slowing down the pace of conversations, taking breaks, observing, being very present already makes a difference. Constant rush sends messages to our body that something is wrong and dangerous and our body will respond accordingly with chronic stress, limiting our ability to see, think and feel clearly and work effectively while compromising our physical condition.
  2. Deeper? Looking deeper points to looking beyond the first, immediate level of reality. There is a beautiful example by Thitch Nhat Hanh, one of the most important Zen masters of our time: if you look at a leaf you can see a part of a tree. If you look deeper you can see that the leaf is made of non-leaf ingredients: the sun, the water, the sky, the earth and it needs a whole universe to create this one leaf. And this is the case with everything we see and deal with and doing so we witness the interconnectedness of all there is. Even we are deeply interconnected with the leafs of the tree, as they are representing the other half of our lungs hanging in the trees: they breath out what we breath in and the other way round. Looking with this attitude into your life situations, your business challenges and even your organizations you will most probably come to different conclusions.
  3. Wider? We find it extremely helpful and enlightening to look at our field of work – consulting, advising and business – from all kind of perspectives and disciplines that often have – at first sight – nothing to do with our specific situation. Over time we can find parallels and teachings in everything, be it cooking, gardening, science, Zen or pure observation. Looking at organizations through the lens of artists or architects could be eye opening.

These are exactly the conditions we offer to our clients as it is almost impossible to get out of the rat race pattern without external support. Over time we help them establish new and healthier routines which they can cultivate and follow up without us.

“Gentle action” is a concept we work with meaning the more complex and unfamiliar a situation is, the slower one should go, the less one should do, as we can’t predict how an impulse we give will show. We often see this happening in our world, as many want to contribute, mostly for good but oftentimes we contribute only to worsen a situation.

How do you get the message out there?

In the last couple of years we started with our own blog , published articles, did podcast interviews.. this led to invitations to speak at panels, give key-notes or deliver workshops at conferences.. over time we built up an audience especially among our colleagues and other consultants, who are looking for new inputs or like-mindedness.

We got bolder and bolder over time in addressing the problems we saw, even if our point of view isn’t always mainstream or very popular or even pleasant. But the feedback we got was and is encouraging, as people are in need for authentic and critical voices and some kind of allowance to do the same.

What is the intention of Conscious Consulting Group?

A: We are giving form and rise to the development of a new Consciousness and level of Awareness in Consulting and Business. We do believe that business and economy is a key expression and driver of human development and this is exactly the arena where we want to work and contribute. We create an interdisciplinary platform where leaders, executives, scientists, teachers, consultants meet, learn and develop together, in their respective form. There is one part we call “Consultancy”, which delivers Advisory services to paying customers, another part, our “Academy” is focussing on research and development of powerful models, approaches and the cultivation of a consulting philosophy focused on the development of collective consciousness in organizations.

And why, what is the purpose of all of that?

A: Obviously it is not about creating another consulting firm. There are more out there than this planet deserves. Ultimately our purpose is to help bring forward a world that Works for Everyone, a YOU and ME world, a world that creates itsself from a place of connectedness rather than separateness. We strongly believe in a business world where economy serves societies and leaders come to the understanding that they are not at war in and against a hostile world but an integral part of one interrelated eco-system. When leaders come to that understanding it means that our world is not frightening any longer and its unpredictability is not a threat or a breakdown anymore but an opportunity to create a beneficial reality for the whole world, a world that works for everyone.

Your claim is: “Transforming wisdom into impact” What does that mean?

A: Our claim expresses the desire to bring together wisdom teachers, scientists, consultants, experts and leaders and make sure wisdom isn’t meant to dwell with sages in the woods, in academia or in spiritual circles but shall be transformed, released and interwoven into the fabric of one larger world to be beneficial.

There is an abundance of wisdom in this world, always has been. Wisdom traditions are the manifestations of thousands of years of research in what it means to be a human being, to cultivate our human capacities together and this tremendous wealth and old knowledge wants to relieved to serve its purpose.

The future we are heading towards will ask for all our wisdom – internally and externally – our clear and open minds, caring hearts, innate intuition, our body intelligence to make good choices while facing very limited information, no predictability and fading solid grounds.

Our intention is to make this wisdom accessible and allow it to blend at the very point where it is needed most: where there are people who take big and relevant decisions having impact on many people and the collective environment.

Wisdom is not only Eastern traditions like Buddhism but we find it in science, in western traditions and philosophy, in native-indigenous traditions, we just have to look, open our eyes and see.

One good example are conversations we recorded with Augusto Shantena Sabbadini who perfectly represents the intersect of modern science, quantum physics and Taoism. Cutting edge in both disciplines he seamlessly blends the one with the other.

You talked about collective consciousness: did you find a way to tap into it and transform it?

A: Yes. We simply looked at our projects and clients and asked ourselves: what is the common denominator, what truly worked best bottomline? And we found out that again there are 3 key factors:

  • The core Leadership Team – to work with the team that creates the context for the overall organization. There is always a small group of people 2-5, whose attitudes, beliefs, intentions define what is possible for an organization. Today our work is about 80% with this group and 20% with “the organization”. So this has changed fundamentally – in former times it used to be just the other way round.
  • To create a safe space for learning, insights and development for this group. The moment they had insights together turned out to be those transformational moments of emergence. It is gentle and delicate work, much more powerful than doing too much for them, beating the big drums like tons of workshops, powerpoint slides, analysis. The less we do (in qualified ways) the more empowered they will be in the end. We “simply” help them see from different perspectives, expanding their shared level of consciousness. That group represents, forms and transforms the collective concsiousness. Leaders start to understand that they are the source and that their beliefs are contagious. The key is to sharpen awareness, to notice the unnoticed.
  • Establishing a field of collective insights and understanding works like a magnet: its presence generates momentum which creates pull towards a certain direction and leads in a very subtle ways. Over time the parts of a system are reading these subtle informations and aline with this new energy field – that’s what we call collective consciousness at work in organizations. The formats and activities don’t differ much from what we know: Leaders speak in front of people, at conferences, videos, personal workshops and conversations. But Who they are has changed and their presence and consciousness shines through and reaches people at an energetic, emotional, spiritual level, resonating with their own potential. That is what moves, builds trust in Leadership and evokes the desire to contribute to a larger cause in all of us, when it finally is not about us any longer. This is the act of transformation we talk about. Who ARE you when you do what you do?

So this whole approach aims at the level of BEING first and then on the DOING. And what is true for Leaders, the same is true for consultants!

You call yourself Advisor rather than consultant. Why is that?

A: Advisor expresses the form of consulting we offer in a much better way. Advisor includes the word “vis”, to see in Latin: we help our clients to see the world from different perspectives, through unusual lenses and with other means: to see with the mind, the eyes, the heart, with emotions, intuitions, with your body. To see the hidden, what is behind the veil and what is not obvious. Advisory is not task-specific consulting – even tough we provide all the expertise and even direct advise if we feel it is helpful – but to show what one might not see yet, pointing towards possible futures free from the limitations of the past.

How is CCG structured?

A: Our inspiration was that of a monastery. A mundane monastery, as we are not bound to spiritual practices only. On one side are the Teachings in the ACADEMY; a shared practice within the COMMUNITY followed by its expression in a business model to bring it into the world as CONSULTANCY practice. These 3 formats are of course interconnected and inspire and support each other. Consultancy is mainly pointing to Leaders and Businesses while the Academy and Community are pointing towards fellow Consultants and everyone in the business of guiding, leading, advising and supporting others.

Lets talk about conscious consultants. How do you become one?

A: First of all there are already a lot of them us there, we are not alone and so the tribe is a given already. Only looking at our own community and consultants in our network I see a lot of wisdom and interest. The problem is: many are dispersed, everyone doing her own thing as we often don’t fit in with larger brands or networks. To those we offer a brand, a community and a larger body to be part of and like-minded colleagues to work with.

We address consultants who want to learn and integrate their own developmental and spiritual work with their work in a mundane world. If you look at our team, all of them represent an integrated and wholesome approach to work and life.

For Conscious Consultants they have 2 preconditions: one is they have classical consulting-skills like facilitation, organization development, process design, etc. and on the other side are inline with our intention and purpose: people who also represent wisdom in an impactful way and feel the time has come for a different path in consulting.

In what ways can they participate in CCG?

A: We are about to launch programs, products and also education programs, easy to access and get a taste of conscious consulting. We will introduce them to our core models and attitudes and will practice together. Some of them can eventually become part of our advisory teams and offer consultancy under CCG brand. Once more it is not so much about what people know and do but who they ARE. That is the key ingredient that makes a difference: consultants as well as leaders create impact by their state of BEING.

A community especially designed for consultants is in the becoming.

 How do you see the role of consultants?

A: Consultants can play a critical role in bringing forward a different consciousness and attitude: they are an amplifier, have leverage and some have a lot of influence on influential people, so they can be an accelerator for development. I think consultants are underestimated, sometimes not valued for who they are and what they can be: enzymes to transformation.

Many programs I have attended I felt that consultant are 2nd class participiants. Everybody was so focused on Leaders, Heads of HR, as they are potential clients. For us Consultants are at least as important clients as leaders and experts. We are designing programms and offers exclusively for this target group, as we feel they are underserved and overseen in what they could and have to be.

And how ist the role of leaders and who are you targeting?

A: Leaders are adressed in our “Consultancy” stream. Leaders and the organizations they steer are the place and moment where consciousness, ideas, visions, purpose manifests. This is where the rubber hits the road and impact is created. We are here for Leaders who feel that the old tools are not working anymore, who seek guidance in an overwhelming, confusing and unpredictalbe world. We help leadership teams find their own and unique way and become part of the solution. We help to cultivate and develop new and different skills needed for a world not repeating itself but permanently emerging and forming anew. The turmoil and chaos we witness is a best moment for giving birth to a next level of “doing world” together and this is what and who we are.

Whats up next?

A: Right now we are working on 4 topics:

1- we are starting a CCG Podcast, which is what you hear right now and the first round will be an episode with each current member of CCG: To understand and feel, who are the people, what are they up to?

2. We are about to publish our first volume on “Principles of Conscious Consulting” to make our approach more tangible and specific and also usable. People can use it as small guiding books and use it directly for their consulting practice.

3. Currently we are designing a large variety of products in our fields, work on first programs, design forms and formats for global deliveries, easy accessible and grow the team of advisors. All of which happening right now in 2021.

4. This process allows our community to grow while there will be very specific offerings for them only.

5. And of course we continue to work with our clients 🙂