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Hi, my name is Julia Culen. Thank you for visiting me and my blog “stories from the field”.


I write about consulting, transformation, my consulting projects, business development, leadership, change management, experiments, experiences, projects, companies, clients and people that I find exciting and inspiring. All posts are inspired by real-life – They are stories from the field.


I write to get ideas and thoughts out of my head. Another reason is – of course – to share ideas, convey messages and get inputs and feedback from people around the world. Writing the posts is pure pleasure and joy and it flows naturally and very lightly.


Encouraged by a client I started this blog in April 2015 to share my thoughts and ideas with a broader business community. I can interact with the readers and I can use social media. I get feedback immediately.  Every post is formed around one basic message/idea and it is a challenge to keep it short and precise.


I am not a native English speaker. Obviously. I love to write in English, it has its own quality, easygoing, fresh and light.Sometimes it is hard to express complex ideas in a simple but precise language in a foreign language, and for sure with a “German” accent. I decided that “good enough is good enough” in this case.


All pictures are taken by myself and  I am choosing them very intuitively: which picture expresses the emotional undertone of my post best?


During the course of the last years I shifted gears from being a very busy consultant and Managing Partner to working much less, traveling much more and practicing the Art of “Just Being”: A very active way of doing less and less. Ideas are finding me, like they want to be expressed through me. In addition to that, ideas are grounded and emerging from experiences and conversations with my husband and business partner Christian Mayhofer. He is a great listener and sparring partner and he is also checking  everything I write before publishing.


After studying International Business in Vienna and Los Angeles I worked with The Boston Consulting Group in Munich, focussing on Organization Development.
From there moved on to the Inhouse Consulting of UniCredit Bank Austria, co-leading Projects such as the Merger of Bank Austria and Creditanstalt, as well as the Integration of CEE Banks. I spent a lot of time in Serbia, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Slowenia which teached me a lot about intercultural differences and collaboration.

I got a special interest in the Topics of Leadership, Change Management and Organization Development from a systemic and holistic perspective, so I took trainings in systems thinking. I wanted to help create empowering and interesting work-environments where human beings can flourish and enjoy working and living. I started to work with “Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg” for further 7 years as a Managing Partner. When I turned 40 it was time to start my own consulting company Culen Mayhofer Partner, which focussed on deep personal and organizational transformation.

I became more and more interested in the question of transformation and the role of consciousness and wisdom traditions for our human development. I spent a lot of time not only working internationally, but also researching and studying consciousness and wisdom traditions, taking retreats, travelling, visiting and speaking at conferences and a 1 year time-out in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Meeting so many people, leaders, companies, cultures, countries and innovators gave me the inspiration to engage stronger with blogging, travelling, teaching, speaking and publishing articles. In addition I took a training in Biofield Tuning in the US, to enrich and expand my workfield to energy work.

This year finally I started a new consulting company with a very strong focus of integrating wisdom traditions, technology, science and business to enhance. Conscious Consulting Group is a platform for Senior Advisors with the shared purpose to “Transforming wisdom into Impact”. We bring together Senior Advisors with Business and Institutional leaders to enrich their worldview and help them to deepen their consciousness, raise awareness, create new possibilities for themselves and other and to make a positive difference.

At the same time we are building a private eco-retreat Center for ourselves and our Clients in the Spanisch Sierra Nevada – a heavenly place in the mountains, close to the sky, the sea, the sun and fully integrated with nature. Hopefully we can open next year.

I live in Vienna and Upper Austria.


In our work we address and combine personal & organizational patterns and challenges. We focus on the management team first, as it sets goals and norms of behaviour for the rest of the organization.

I also deliver Key Notes and Workshops in international conferences.


I would love to get your feedback and ideas and thoughts!


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