We talk about time all the time – how “little time” we have. “what time is it”? “time goes by fast” and “time is money”. But do we actually know what it is? We talk about TIME as if it was a fixed and given object. What can science tell us about TIME?

“What is time?” We asked and recorded our conversation we world-class Quantum Physicist and Taoist Augusto Shantena Sabbadini. This question led us to the underlying question of “what is the source of our life”? “what is a black hole”? Why is time relative? We digged into the mystery of life and the awe of being alive at all.

These questions about the source of life challenge our everyday experience and perception and are difficult to grasp. So if you listen to this, we apologize for our stumbling around, trying to find the right words to describe and frame questions in a non-native language in an unknown arena. Best way is to use “peripheral listening” – a way of letting the words go through you rather than trying too much of understanding every phrase.. talking about time: the actual length of the podcast is 45 MINUTES, but for some reason it pretends to be longer.. 🙂

Podcast: What is time

what ist time? podcast

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