End of the year is a good time to reflect the past year and get started for the next year. The question is: what are the questions we focus ourselves on? The outcome is not determined by the answers but by the questions we focus our mind on.

If we don’t pay attention, our end of the year reflexion is likely to look like this, out of bad habits:

  1. Regretting the past and worrying about the future
  2. Complaining about what has not worked out and hoping that next year will be better
  3. Making ourselves wrong for what we have (again) not achieved and starting the year with some new year resolutions (which might probably not work)
  4. Trying to forget and suppress bad feelings and looking overly optimistic towards the next fresh year.
  5. What must not happen (again) next year?

As we know, worrying is planning for what we DON’T want. Or in other words: “Worrying won’t solve tomorrow’s problems, but it will take away today’s peace”.

Lets plan for what we want.. 

 1-What are you proud of?

  • What are the small and large achievements of this year? Maybe achievements that are invisible to others, but very meaningful to yourself. Like the moment when you did not let yourself being stopped by fear and spoke up and addressed a difficult topic?  Or when you helped someone else? Or when you tried a new recipe that worked out well? Whatever it is. You can be very generous with yourself and proud of whatever. Observe how expansive this small exercise can be.

2-What do you really feel like being and doing in the coming year?

  •  What makes your heart sing and your energy raise instantly, by the pure thought of it? What are the things you WANT to do, not the ones you think you should do? Everything, whatever it might be, that will be uplifting, energizing and empowering.. how can you make  yourself feel alive, free, powerful, joyful and peaceful, after all?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!