Many people and organizations know exactly what and who they want to become, but they have no idea what and who they are. Instead of accepting that change is the natural result of a conscious life and evolves by itself, they put it into concepts, tools etc.

I see two different change concepts that could look similar but are fundamentally different:

  1. Enforced change – change as goal:People and organizations identify a problem, and they identify a future desired state, activities, plans, strategies, whatever to get there. This might lead somewhere, but seems always associated with pain, loss, discipline, working against your own identity. You need to force others and yourself. It doesn’t come naturally, but is the result of rational thinking. The motivation is “fixing a deficit.”  We all know our plans to lose weight, change eating behaviors, transform organizations. We all know the struggle with enforced change for the good, but poor results, self-blaming or stuck-in-the-middle outcomes. And sometimes it really works, but only for the real great and smart people, very disciplined ones :). The others will always not quite be there.
  2. Change from being– change as result:Magic happens when you stop wanting things to happen/change and instead start feeling the present. When you sit still for some time, when you start being before you want change. When you start questioning and sinking into yourself for a while, you will start to sense yourself in a totally new way. You will not need a diet protocol, but you will sense what you want and what is good for you. You will automatically make different choices. Same for organizations: as soon as they understand what they are, what their purpose is, what is important to them, they will at once get a clear understanding and a natural sensing for the right decisions, for the best suited people and how they deal with their clients and stakeholders. As soon as you are conscious of your being, change will be a natural result.

We are human beings – not human doings