As you might know one year ago I started to podcast in addition to blogging. Podcasting is a beautiful and interesting way of being in touch with people and topics, very different from writing, much more work too, but it is worthwhile. This time I want to share with you my new podcast episode, because I love it so much. I feel it is extremely relevant and interesting.

Impact Networks

Today’s challenges cannot be solved with yesterdays thinking. Hierarchical organizations stem from the industrial age and its linear mindset. 

But when it comes to complex and non-linear challenges that demand collaboration across disciplines, cultures and diverse stakeholders, hierarchies can’t do the job. This is why we dedicate our new podcast episode and this newsletter to the emerging and urgent topic.

In my latest podcast episode we explore how Impact Networks work, grow and function and why they will play a critical part in solving today’s most urgent problems such as climate change, environmental decline and social justice. And how Impact Networks tap into the power of shared purpose and collective intelligence of networks.

My guest is CCG Advisor Yingzhao Liu – a true expert on this topic.  Ying lives in Seattle,  is a Leadership Lecturer at Stanford University, Artist, Mother, Designer and Strategist at Converge and Advisor at CCG. One of her key work focus is to consult impact networks:  Ying strongly believes networks are the future of work and organization. And so do I.


In this podcast we are exploring deeper in questions such as:

  • What is an impact network
  • And how to cultivate a network mindset
  • What are key success factors to grow and sustain impact networks?
  • what we can learn from nature
  • could networks replace hierarchies for good? 

To make it easier for you we created chapters, you can find the structure in the shownotes and go directly to a topic that interests you most. Or simply listen to the whole thing it is worthwhile. Enjoy!