This week I was invited to speak in a conference about my favorite topic. I was surprised myself how emotional I got while speaking up in public for the first time in front of a business audience on reclaiming our humanity and wisdom. For me this is the most important problem we need to solve. These were the key messages:

  1. The loss of our humanity, wisdom, connectedness and intuition is creating a world of separation, war, hate, abuse, desperation, exploitation and destruction. 

Today we have by far more access to technology, information, science, products and connection to other people worldwide than ever before. Instead of using this for our own as well as the common good we have created a world of social and environmental crisis.


We have abandoned our connectedness to nature, other human beings and ourselves and replaced them by devices, technology and consumption. We are equipped with extremely powerful tools and possibilities, but we are still the same fosil fools as ever before. Fool doesn’t necessarily mean we are stupid, no, we are very smart and intelligent, but apparently we lack the wisdom to use our tools in ways that are beneficial for ourselves and others. Einstein ones said when desperate to see how humans created nuclear weapons, that “mice would never build a mousetrap”.

2. More technology, more information, more science won’t help

Because they arise from the same mindset that has created the problems in the first place.

3. We created a rat race we cannot win 

We are hardly able to keep up with the speed and volatility of ongoing changes right now. While demanding to have everything real-time, faster and more personalized, we are suffering from the pressure that puts on us.

I meet a lot of leaders and individuals struggling to keep up with the speed, the volatility and the unpredictability of the world they find themselves in. By trying to keep up with it, they are contributing to and even enhancing the full mess. Even if they manage to keep up with their world they run hot, burn out and we see stressed, sick, depressed and worn-out people, trying to look good at the same time. Others give up and vote for Trump.


4. We cannot solve our problems from the same mindset that has created them. Therefor we need a different mindset, not better tools. 

We can start with ourselves and the organizations we are leading. By becoming aware that it is us creating our world and how we are creating the (micro) world we live in, we can get access to it. By starting to look at our real needs, creating and strengthening human connections and by providing spaces of stillness and reflexion e.g. a lot can be done on an individual micro-scale.

5. Creating organizations that are “human”, where people feel safe, free and trusted, new possibilities can arise.


Leaders who are connected with their intuition and presence will stop to struggle through their day and start to cultivate their clear mind, their sense of purpose, a powerful and inspiring stand to lead from.

Becoming aware and present and conscious takes some effort, but is the only way for me to evolve as humans beyond where we are today. And it is possible!

And it is for free and, on top of everything, leads to better business results. The impact on society is enormous: people working in such an environment get mentally and physically sane and radiate a positive sense of being.

6. As we will not stop our technological transformation we need to start our mental transformation now! 

I will continue to work and speak about this topic and help people, organizations and societies to create a context, for humans to thrive and love and laugh and be present and open, happy and connected and aware and truly alive.




Thank you Strategie Austria for inviting me!

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