I asked  a befriended artist,  Aldo Giannotti , to illustrate a text on the question, how far we can go, based on how we perceive where we are. When I saw the picture I was dazzled by the power of the picture. I deleted my text and will simply share my request with you:

I asked Aldo to illustrate the emotions we have when we leave the known and dive into a world that we don’t even know that we don’t know.

I wanted him to show the endless sea of possibilities living beyond our concepts, goals, visions, hopes and fears. An arena only accessible when we leave the known.

And that the only way to leave the known is to live from a place where we acknowledge that we don’t even know what we don’t know.

A space accessible only to open minds, taking a break from our usual need to control, plan and understand. Not necessarily by letting go of all we know, but letting go of the believe that we know everything there is to know.

I asked him to help me expressing the fear of leaving what we know and the limitations we create for ourselves.

To create a picture about the quality of stillness and emerging inner spaciousness .. like  diving into the dark sea discovering an undersea world full of colors, forms and shapes we would have never imagined.

I am leaving us with the question: how far can we go?