This sentence came – by itself – to my mind this night. I didn’t ask it to come, I didn’t invent it, I don’t even have a story to add or some deep insight to offer.

Thinking about it, there is this new word showing up in my twitter feed expressing how most people feel these days: #mütend, it is an artificial word consisting of the German words müde – tired – and wütend – angry. People feel tired, angry and probably sad and anxious as well.

They are confused and frustrated internally and aggressive and hateful externally. This pandemic is taking its toll on us. All of us. There are people who lose their beloved, their health, their livelihood. People suffer, in some countries they don’t have anything to feed their children.

Yesterday I learned that Ismael Ivo died from Corona, a 66 year old choreographer whom I saw many times at the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna. A phantastic dancer, a beautiful and powerful human being in the midst of his life.

I am sad too. I am stressed I could get sick, someone I love gets sick or even worse, they get sick and it would be my fault by transmitting the Virus. In addition the political situation in Austria with all its corruption, lies, insanity, lack of integrity, ignorance, arrogance, incompetence in the midst of an already impossible situation makes me sick. I don’t feel like there are people deciding over our lives we can trust by any means. We fight over vaccines. Accuse each other. split up.

And even tough I want to describe my situation as super privileged it is not always easy. There are a lot of things I would like to do that I can’t. I am practically unable to work as consultant as most companies won’t allow external visitors on to their premises. I can’t travel as I would like. I am at home ALL THE TIME. I miss culture, cinema, being out there. Life has become rater limited.

But there are a lot of things I CAN do. See friends outside. Zoom. Netflix. Be in nature. Eat well. Be with my family and husband. Build a company. Meet with co-workers. Speak on Clubhouse Events. Write a blog. Even travel on a limited scale. I am fine. Many are not.

So everybody has own problems, challenges, life situations and I think it is safe to say, that everyone suffers in the one or other way. And what are we doing? We make each others lives difficult, we get aggressive, fight each other. We stop understanding others or even listening. We get more and more intolerant. People tell me they are afraid to even discuss about vaccine yes/no, because everything is interpreted to the worst. People who don’t agree are called idiots, the world is split into Covidiots and the rest.

When the only thing we should do right now is to increase empathy for ourselves and others, increase our tolerance knowing everyone’s nerves are wrecked. We should be a little more forgiving and not jump on every possible discussion point that is being offered.

If there is something, one thing, we can do to fight this Pandemic is to move from a place of separation and scarcity to a place of inner connectedness and abundance.What we really need is love and understanding and a little bit of comfort and kindness compassion. These are not empty words but different opener to different worlds. Yet, if nobody is willing to give it, nobody will ever get it.

Ultimately the capacity of cultivating an inner loving space is not a given thing, but a choice. We chose the place we come from when we meet ourselves, the world and others. We cannot depend on getting it first, we won’t. So, maybe, this is what is left to do: being kind, always. Open our hearts. Radiating Love. Maybe we cannot fight the pandemic, it is not a war. But we can embrace each other emotionally and this is the way through.

Love in times of Corona.