What would … do?

Recently I made an amazing discovery. I was upset and confused and didn’t know what to do. All options seemed to be impossible or a huge trade-off. Not even Christian, my wise husband, could help. Whatever he said, didn’t seem workable. I went to the kitchen, frustrated. Maybe Vanilla Yoghurt would help (they have an amazing Greek Vanilla Yoghurt over here, 4% milk fat, hehe 🙂

All of a sudden a new kitchen towel caught my attention. It said: “What would Julia do.” What Julia would do? She would stop pretending, address the issue openly with the person of concern and live with the consequences. She would stop talking herself into some lame excuses. She would take full responsibility of the situation she was in and work her way out, instead of complaining and being full of doubts and confusion. She would go for it.

Something happened. I felt full of energy and power and clear and strong. I told myself: well you are Julia. This is what needs to be done. And it worked. This was by far the cheapest, fastest, easiest and most useful way to come up with a solution.

It worked also the next time. And a third time. So probably this works for you too?

Next time, you might want to ask your own boldest version: what would Anna, Eva, Michael… do?


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