Why perfectionism kills speed and creativity

Perfectionism is the attempt to avoid mistakes. We want to be impeccable. We want the incentive system to be perfect, the presentation to be perfect, the product and the proposal to be perfect. Why? Because we do not want to look bad in front of others. Unless we have answers to all “How are you going to ensure this, and what if…” questions, we would rather hold back our ideas. This leads to a “cover my ass” mentality and the avoidance of taking risks and coming up with interesting ideas and thoughts. So, while we get lost in hundreds of details, analysis, market research and endless discussions, trying to be perfect, we lose speed and energy and give up at a certain stage. Perfectionism eats creativity for breakfast.

So, what we suggest to our clients is the simple and very powerful “good enough” approach. As soon as a proposal, idea, plan, product is good enough to start, go ahead. The “good enough” attitude brings in an environment of trial and error, and improve-while-you-walk boldness to trying new ideas and approaches. Even if not proven yet.

You don’t know whether the new packaging will increase sales? You don’t know whether the new campaign will function? You know what? No matter how long you analyze and consider, unless you start, you will never know. Invest a sum you can afford losing and go ahead.


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