Julia Culen



I am in the business of transformation and personal development. I write, I speak, think, create and work with people.


I write blogs, articles and stories


I speak at conferences and online meetings to inspire and transform people.


I work with people and teams who want to evolve and grow their own essence and potential

I’ve been dazzled by Julia’s ability to facilitate leadership workwith clients as well as lead a consulting company. Her brilliantmind and open heart make her a wonderful workshop leader. Isee her also as an example of how a wise and powerful womancan succeed in the business world and her personal life.

— Fred Kofman

Julia helped us in our transformation process during the last couples of years. She is a rather unconventional and thought provoking consultant and coach, encouraging and supporting us to push our boundaries and navigating new territories. I recommend her to anyone who is ready to move out of the comfort zone.

— Rupert Roniger

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